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Legal Recovery Law Offices, Inc. (LRLO) is a professional law corporation licensed to practice law in the State of California since 2002.

Legal Recovery Law Offices assist its clients in the recovery of:
· delinquent consumer and commercial obligations,
· credit card debt,
· medical debt,
· judgments,
· student loan,
· and auto deficiency debt.

Our clients include large credit card issuers, automobile finance companies, local businesses, debt purchasers, as well as local California credit unions.

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LRLO is a law firm that successfully resolves many different types of debt in a professional, lawful and respectful manner. Both debt collection and debt litigation are difficult processes for both the collector/clerk/attorney and the consumer. It is the goal of LRLO to minimize the difficulty of debt recovery through the use of superior training of it's personnel and through the use of technology. LRLO employs only the best collectors, skip tracers, paralegals and attorneys to oversee the activity of every account. Each employee of LRLO goes through intense training on both the employee's job duties and the FDCPA. Each delinquent account placed with LRLO receives the same level of review and scrutiny for quality of work and results, in both the collection and judgment enforcement process. In addition to its hiring and training efforts, LRLO has obtained the technology necessary to more effectively process, manage and report on every account placed with LRLO.

Legal Recovery Law Offices strictly adheres to the provisions dictated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. LRLO is comfortably insured, and maintains separate independently audited trust accounts for all monies collected on behalf of our clients. LRLO's in-house attorneys monitor the progress of every file and the efforts of every collector to ensure compliance and proper performance.